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DS & A (Lists - Array Based)

"The List Data Structure", Yep, that's exactly what today's chapter is gonna be about. So, without any further ado let's have a sneak peek of today's chapter.
Intro to ListsList ADTList Implementation (Array-Based)Pros and Cons of Array-Based ListPre-requisite: C++ Intro to Lists
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A list in Data Structures can be defined as a sequence of ordered values.
General Properties:
Can be Sorted or UnsortedCan be Finite or InfiniteNote: We will be working with finite lists.

The List is of size n.Each element has a datatypeAtomic Data Type (Discussed in Chapter 1)or Structure Data Type (Discussed in Chapter 1)The List can be empty. (Empty Lists)List length is the number of elements stored.The beginning of the List is called Head.The end of the List is called Tail.Basic functions of a List Retrieve value.Insert/Delete/Modify value.Search for a value.List ADT

template<typename e> class List{     //Empty the list     vi…

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